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The Maze Gets Color

After a week of now and then contemplating my spread, I was finally ready to add color. At first, I just colored the flowers, leaves, and swirls. It was amazing! The paint loaded perfectly onto the brush, my hand was steady, and the surface took the paint so smoothly! I was in a state of excited calm - in short, the flow!

(By the way, I used Golden fluid acrylics and the paper was covered with a layer of Liquitex Matt Medium.)

Then it seemed unfair to leave the mice without paint, so I did them too. But I wasn't done yet! I was determined to have fun with color, and that's exactly what I did. I used a few of my Neocolor II water-soluble crayons and some drops of alcohol ink.

I'm so happy with the result! It's bright and warm, cheery and sweet. Just what I needed, and maybe you did too.

I fooled around making a little video tour of the spread.

And here's a close-up look at the most playful of the mice. She's really into those swirls. Maybe she actually made them herself! She's at least playing with them.

And here's the calmest one. He's just enjoying being surrounded by beautiful things.

Meanwhile, this little chubby girl is contemplating playing like her sister, but she must gather her strength first.

I hope they'll be happy in my art journal, and that you've enjoyed seeing them. I'm often inspired by how much one can do with pencil.

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