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a sampling 
of my
and drawings

I do many types of paintings and drawings and I must say that my favorite medium is pencil.  Drawing is so fundamental to all other forms of art (in my humble opinion).  A good drawing is magical, conveying so much information with just line and value.

Of course color is also wonderful, and I paint in acrylic and watercolor.  My current favorite is collage, often using my own drawing and paintings as elements in the collage.

I hope you enjoy the gallery!

Black Bear in the Poppies, acrylic 

black bear small.jpg

Tiger and the Lotus Crown, drawing, painting, collage


Field Mouse

four pieces from a 30-piece set, 6"x 6" drawing, collage, and acrylic washes

barn owl drawing in collage
field mouse drawing in collage

Barn Owl

chipmunk drawing in collage
bobcat kitten drawing in collage


Bobcat Kitten

Beautiful Sparkle, pastel


Dearest Bonnie, pastel


Two pieces from a nine piece set, 8"x8", drawing, painting, and collage, Australian Animals

quoll small.jpg


koala small.jpg


Platypus Full of Joy, drawing, painting, collage


Pair of Herons, watercolor, acrylic, collage, polymer clay, each 20"x20"

heron 1 small.jpg
heron 2 small.jpg
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