Meet the animals of Milkweed! There are rats, hares, squirrels, badgers, mice, a raccoon, and even a disillusioned domestic cat. You’ll love them all! And now that you’ve met them, follow their adventures in my two Milkweed Series. These are perfect reads for animal lovers of all ages.

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The Milkweed Manor series follows the animals who live in the forest behind an old English manor. The animals—for better or worse—live in the shadow of man, but their sense of community, cooperation, mutual support, and positivity both carries them through the bad times and enhance the good ones. Each heart-warming book is a collection of stories. The stories each stand on their own, but together form a cohesive whole.

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The Milkweed Christmas series invites you to join them as they celebrate this most magical of holidays. Each year, a different family hosts the main event. But there’s more! You’ll find recipes, Christmas memories, celebrations, and traditions, all sweetly told and beautifully illustrated.

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There's much more to come. The third Milkweed Manor book, Hope Returns to Milkweed Manor, and the second Milkweed Christmas book, A Milkweed Christmas - Sweetbrier Sett, are now in the works. Both will be available in 2021

The combination of the writing and illustrating is such a delightful exercise for the imagination. I just love it!

It started when I was sculpting little clay animal figurines. I was searching for a way to add value to them and thought of writing brief stories about them and including the stories with the figurines. Well, that never happened, but my mind kept coming back to those stories and that group of characters. One day it dawned on me that it could be a book. 

Six months later I decided to focus on that project and now, a year after that, the first book is done and two more are in the works.

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