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I first met the animals of Milkweed back in 2018 when I was making small ceramic animal sculptures. There were the charming squirrel girls Effie and Lily, Audrey the badger, and Colwyn the young rat striking out from home to find his future. It wasn’t long before I wanted to know more about them, and as our acquaintance grew to deep friendship, I determined to write their stories for animal lovers everywhere, and of all ages, to enjoy. Though their stories have darker, challenging moments as well as uplifting ones, their straightforward, loving natures carry them through. The animals of Milkweed will bring smiles to your face and warmth to your heart—true gifts for the soul.

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The Milkweed Manor series follows the animals who live in the forest behind an old English manor. The animals—for better or worse—live in the shadow of man, but their sense of community, cooperation, mutual support, and positivity both carries them through the bad times and enhance the good ones. Each heart-warming book is a collection of stories. The stories each stand on their own, but together form a cohesive whole.

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The Milkweed Christmas series invites you to join the animals of Milkweed as they celebrate this most magical of holidays. Each year, a different family hosts the main event. Through written and illustrated vignettes, you'll experience the preparations as well as the event itself. But there’s more! You’ll find recipes, Christmas memories, celebrations, and traditions, all sweetly told and beautifully illustrated.

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Writing is something I never thought I'd ever do. I firmly believed I was a member of the visual arts tribe, period, end. But, as they say, never say never. My writing ventures came about in a somewhat strange and convoluted way, but regardless of how it happened, I'm so glad it did.


Writing and illustrating a book is a long-term project. It requires commitment, focus, and perseverance. For me, the most difficult is focus, because it inevitably means turning away from other projects which would so appreciate my attention. But, in the end, we can each only do so much, and I value my writing and illustrating enough to focus - mostly - on them!

I sincerely hope I've created something you will truly enjoy.

P.S. I'd like to thank little Colwyn for being my guide and writing coach. He's truly inspiring!

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Here I am with James, Colwyn' brother. He was also Colwyn's assistant and a very accomplished creative in his own right.

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