Writing is relatively new for me. Writing fiction, that is. I've written four art illustration books in the past. But fiction was new.

It started when I was sculpting little clay animal figurines. I was searching for a way to add value to them and thought of writing brief stories about them and including the stories with the figurines. Well, that never happened, but my mind kept coming back to those stories and that group of characters. One day it dawned on me that it could be a book. 

Six months later I decided to focus on that project and now, a year after that, the first book is done and two more are in the works.

The combination of the writing and illustrating is such a delightful exercise for the imagination. I just love it!

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I'm so excited! I've written, illustrated, and published my first fiction book!

Tales of Love and Courage from Milkweed Manor is the perfect read for animal lovers of all ages.

The collection of stories is set in the animal community living in the forest community behind the ancient English manor house, Milkweed Manor

Follow the adventures of rats, hares, crows, squirrels, badgers, a fox, an owl, a weasel, and even a disillusioned domestic cat - all living their lives in the shadow of man.

Watch the book trailer below. It features some of the 34 illustrations from the book!

book trailer for Tales of Love and Courage from Milkweed Manor by Kaaren Poole

So what's next?

Two new books for 2020. The next volume in the Milkweed Manor series, Dark Days at Milkweed Manor, and A Milkweed Christmas - the Inn at Ivy Knoll

Here's the drawing for the cover art for A Milkweed Christmas

background image courtesy of Nathan Anderson from unsplash.com

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