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How exciting to live in a place and time where art supplies of nearly endless variety are so readily available. It's like living in a playground for artists, and play, I do! Although I began painting and drawing, I now enjoy working in a variety of media including some, such as ceramics, which I said I'd never ever get into! And it wasn't that long ago that I just didn't see the point of what is now my favorite format - art journaling. So much for saying 'never!'

Would you like to see some of the results of my play? Just click on the images below to find out more about the medium and see more pieces

By the way, since I'm now focusing on writing and illustrating my books and doing mixed media in my art journals, I seldom work is some of these media now-a-days, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave these off my website. They're definitely part of my past art journey and may very well show up again further down the road.

Needle Felted Animals
Painting, Drawing, Collage
Ceramic Sculpture

Fairy Gardening

toad in the garden small.jpg

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

As an artist, I am, more than anything, a storyteller. Regardless of the medium I’m working in – drawing, painting, mixed media, needle felting, clay – I’m creating an image of a moment in time. And I strive to make it so compelling, evocative, engaging that you, the viewer, are drawn to supply what came before and what comes after. In other words, the story – your version of the story of that image.

Art Journaling

majik for web.jpg

I create art because it is an undeniable part of me and has been for as long as I can remember.  It’s an urge to express myself, to create a small part of the world that’s the way I would like it to be.  And it’s utterly magical – to begin with an idea and grab pencil and paper, or wool fiber and wire, or clay, or paints and a canvas and bring an expression of that thought into being, adding something to the world that wasn’t there before.

I work in several media but regardless of the medium, my subject is, with rare exception, animals.

Animals are as great a source of joy to me as creating art.  The fundamental truth I strive to express is that animals are emotional, sentient beings deserving of our respect and love. 


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