I enjoy working in a variety of media, including painting/drawing/mixed media, ceramic sculpture, stoneware fairy garden houses and creatures, and needle felted animals.  I also love doing art journaling. Click on an image to find out more about the medium and see more examples.!

Painting, Drawing, Collage

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

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Fairy Gardening

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Ceramic Sculpture
Needle Felted Animals

Art Journaling

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I create art because it is an undeniable part of me and has been for as long as I can remember.  It’s an urge to express myself, to create a small part of the world that’s the way I would like it to be.  And it’s utterly magical – to begin with an idea and grab pencil and paper, or wool fiber and wire, or clay, or paints and a canvas and bring an expression of that thought into being, adding something to the world that wasn’t there before.

I work in several media but regardless of the medium, my subject is, with rare exception, animals.

Animals are as great a source of joy to me as creating art.  The fundamental truth I strive to express is that animals are emotional, sentient beings deserving of our respect and love.  They, and we, are equals.