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A Milkweed Christmas Series

The hares host the debut Milkweed Christmas Book

A Milkweed Christmas

The Inn at Ivy Knoll

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The first book in my Christmas series, A Milkweed Christmas - the Inn at Ivy Knoll, is

a beautifully illustrated and sweetly told account of the Milkweed animal community's observance of that most festive of holidays. This year, the hares of the Inn at Ivy Knoll are hosting an open house on the big day, but that's just part of the story. There's much more! The animals, as they do every year, have filled the whole season with fond memories, special traditions, baking, celebration, and, specially, love.

Make this lovely book part of your own special holiday tradition.


53 pages, 47 full color illustrations

Watch the book trailer! It features some of the 47 illustrations from the book!

Now get your very own paperback copy from

Or a hardcover or paperback version from

The Badgers carry the torch for the second Milkweed Christmas book

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Sweetbrier Sett, a Milkweed Christmas

Presenting the second book in my Milkweed Christmas series, another sweetly told and beautifully illustrated recounting of the Christmas season the year the badgers led the events. Once again, they've included fond memories, baking, special traditions, and an exciting Christmas pageant.

Add this book to your Milkweed collection, or start a holiday tradition with the badgers.

70 pages, 39 full-color illustrations

Watch the book trailer! It features some of the 39 illustrations from the book.

Now get your very own paperback version from Amazon

Or you paperback or hardback version from Lulu

A Christmas Greeting from Milkweed

Sadly, I didn't have a chance to complete a Christmas book last holiday season, but I did help the animals of Milkweed create this greeting. I, and they, hope you enjoy it!

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