A Sampling of My Needle Felted Animals

Needle felting is a sculptural process of building form over a wire armature.   Wool fiber has tiny barbs on it.  Holding wool fiber against the form and repeatedly poking it with a needle that also has tiny barbs on it entangles the barbs on the fiber and locks them into a single piece.  This is a time-consuming process but one which I find rewarding as I see the animal emerge.  The colors you see in the pieces are the colors of the wool.  I use glass beads for the eyes - or, on larger pieces like the bear actual glass eyes for doll-making.

Ceramic Figures
needle felted wool goats
needle felted wool bear with scarf

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needle felted wool kingfisher bird
needle felted wool moose with cashmere scart
needle felted wool mice with vintage lace
needle felted wool goat