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a sampling of my needle felted animals

Needle felting is a sculptural process of building form over a wire armature.   


Wool fiber has tiny barbs on it.  Holding wool fiber against the form and repeatedly poking it with a needle that also has tiny barbs on it entangles the barbs on the fiber and locks them into a single piece. 


Once the armature is covered, I add more and more wool until the piece is almost complete. Up to this point, I've used off-white "core" wool which is a bit less expensive than the finishing wool, which is the final, color layer.


Needle felting is a time-consuming process but one which I find rewarding as I see the animal emerge.  The colors you see in the pieces are the colors of the wool.  I use glass beads for the eyes - or, on larger pieces like the bear actual glass eyes for doll-making.

Pile of Fancy Mice

Goats with Bells and Lead Ropes

needle felted goats1.jpg

Belted Kingfisher - my favorite bird!

needle felted wool kingfisher bird
needle felted wool mice with vintage lace

Chilly Moose

needle felted wool moose with cashmere scart

River Otter with Amulet

river otter3.jpg

Chilly Bear

needle felted wool bear with scarf

Sweet Donkey with Halter

needle felted wool goat

Camel with fancy halter

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