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a sampling of my ceramic

animal figures

Creating ceramic animal figures is a multi-step process.  The first is sculpting the piece in clay.  I usually begin with the head then build the figure from there, doing all my sculpting by hand with no molds.  Once the sculpting is complete and the piece is thoroughly dry, it goes into the kiln for the bisque firing at about 2,000 degrees F.  The next step is to apply the glaze.  I use several colors on each piece, and each color must be applied in three coats.  Then the piece goes back into the kiln for the final firing, this time at about 2,150 degrees F.

As you may well guess, my subjects are always animals and usually whimsical. They are also all small. I'd say the tallest would be about ten inches. They are just so fun to make. I usually talk with them as I sculpt.

Rabbit in Shawl

ceramic rabbit character figure with denim shawl

Little Chipmunk Party-Goer

small ceramic chipmunk figurine with pretty dress and rose

Alligator Shaman and Apprentice


Three Little Rabbits

three rabbits5.jpg

Sweet Fox Family

ceramic fox family characters mom and baby two girls

Bear Star-Gazer with Cub

bear shaman and cub2.jpg

Pecary Traveller

peccary traveler1.jpg

The Lion and the Lamb

lion and lamb2.jpg
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