A sampling of my ceramic

animal figures

Creating ceramic animal figures is a multi-step process.  The first is sculpting the piece in clay.  I usually begin with the head then build the figure from there, doing all my sculpting by hand with no molds.  Once the sculpting is complete and the piece is thoroughly dry, it goes into the kiln for the bisque firing at about 2,000 degrees F.  The next step is to apply the glaze.  I use several colors on each piece, and each color must be applied in three coats.  Then the piece goes back into the kiln for the final firing, this time at about 2,150 degrees F.

ceramic rabbit character figure with denim shawl
small ceramic chipmunk figurine with pretty dress and rose

Many of these pieces are on my Etsy shop, TheFoxesGarden.  Clicking on an image will take you to the listing if it's still active.

ceramic bear family figurines with glass flower head dresses

I made my first stoneware ceramic fairy garden house about 4 years ago and made it the centerpiece of my first fairy garden.  Since then, I've made six more fairy gardens each with its own special house.  I so enjoy making them that I've made several for my Etsy shop.  I've also made dragons, fairy sheep, and other fairy garden additions.  To view the Fairy Garden section in my shop click here

stoneware ceramic fairy garden house with squirrel and silk flag

background image courtesy of Nathan Anderson from unsplash.com

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