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More Goose Blessings

Last week I wrote about two goose charmers we had with us while they grew from tiny goslings to independent geese. And now I have two more stories about them which I think you’ll enjoy.

When we had the goose guests, my sister’s dog, Sunny, was young and full of energy. His absolute favorite thing was chasing a tennis ball. It seemed that if you’d throw that ball forever, he’d happily chase it forever and then want more! But I think it may have been more than a game to him. When he caught the ball, he’d stop and look at my sister with a look of intense pride in his eyes.

One afternoon, he’d been chasing the ball for quite a while. He was standing with the ball in his mouth, ready to bring it back for another throw. But . . . . In-coming! Goose Boy charged Sunny from the side and punched that ball out of the dog's mouth with a powerful beak punch! He put so much force behind that peck that the ball hurtled a good 20 feet out the other side of a very surprised canine mouth.

Then there was the Great Plant Heist . . .

I enjoy gardening‒both the process and the results. One day I had just returned from a trip to the local nursery with several colorful blooming plants which I intended to plant in two large terra cotta pots. We had a small, circular, fenced garden in the shade of a beautiful oak tree. We called it our “Memory Garden,” as many of the plants were dedicated to the memory of loved ones we’d lost over the years. I planned to place the pots just inside that garden, on either side of the gate. They’d be a colorful welcome to a place of peace.

I laid out everything I needed to fill those pots on the driveway not far from the garden gate and proceeded to plant the pots. Goose Boy and Goose Girl gathered round‒at a respectful distance‒to see what I was up to. Soon enough, the pots were ready. I remember how beautiful they were and how happy I felt anticipating this lovely addition to the Memory Garden. I lifted one of the heavy pots and, with some difficulty, carried it to the garden and placed it at one side of the gate. I took a step back, and a moment to admire it before returning for the other pot.

But there was no beautifully planted pot sitting on the driveway. Plant parts were scattered across the driveway, and there were the geese tossing others around with delighted abandon.

I did the best I could to recover what I could of the plants, put them back in the pot, and carry the badly damaged display to the garden. It was a sad companion to the other pot, but most of those plants did eventually recover. Meanwhile, the geese were quite pleased with themselves.

So, I guess all’s well that ends well. The plants added to the welcoming beauty of the Memory Garden, and I learned geese have a sense of humor. Or, at least, that they like to play!

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Feb 09, 2023

As always your animal stories and art are a joy to see. Thank you for sharing bits of your life and thoughts. I look forward to your newsletters.


Stephanie Hardy
Stephanie Hardy
Feb 08, 2023

Wonderful goose story! That reminds me of my many, many missing sunflower seed sprouts from last year due to a chipmonk, haha!

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