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A Finish and a Start

Here’s where I stopped last week, thinking that I was finished or nearly so, but I gave myself a few days to decide.

And here’s when I declared it finished.

There’s not much difference between the two, is there? That is, if you ignore the differences in lighting in the photos. Mainly, the differences are above the stag’s head and the writing in the middle of the spread to the right of the stag. I also added a bit to the frost in the pine branches and a few white and brown dots in the upper right corner.

I still had lots of clippings that I liked in case I wanted more collage.

But, try as I might, I couldn’t find a place for any of them. So, that was that! There have been so many art journal spreads where I fussed and fussed and fussed. But not this one. It was finished.

So, it was time to start another one.

I’d been looking through my Sundance Jewelry catalog. This is one of my favorite activities because not only is the jewelry so beautiful—though generally out of my price range—but the page spreads with amazing background colors and supporting images, often in the form of flowers, are breathtakingly beautiful. And, in this one, I noticed a few pages featuring colors which I very, very seldom use. Why not take the example from one of those pages for a color scheme for a page in my art journal. It would definitely be something different (unless I ended up covering the whole thing with blues, greens, and browns)!

Here are the pages as they came from the catalog, glued to the pages of my art journal. Oh, I see I added a little yellow in the upper right corner before I remembered to take a photo, but that’s a small thing. Isn’t it a beautiful catalog spread?

My plan was to add paint to cover the jewelry, except for a few of the gemstones. I’d try to match the colors in the background of the magazine spread, but, of course that proved impossible to do because of all the fine color gradations. Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘impossible,’ but I certainly didn’t have what that would take.

This is where I ended up. I couldn’t resist adding some blobs of color as an alternative to copying the color gradations in the original.

Initially, I didn't pay much attention to the darker maroon colors, but once I got into it, I noticed them and really liked them.

I have absolutely no idea where I’ll go with this, but it should be fun. I already love the colors, and I’m so glad I started down this path!

BTW, this is also different for me because of the opaque paints, and I rather like them, though I think transparents are my favorite, or maybe a combination of both.


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