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Hi! I'm so glad you're visiting. It's always exciting for me to meet another member of the special group of people who love animals and art. I'm an artist, author, and illustrator and I've gathered some of my favorite pieces for you to enjoy here. I have so much fun creating the animal characters in my art, and I sincerely hope they'll bring smiles to your face. That will be my measure of true success! And while you're here, get your free gift!

come with small.jpg

"Come With Me?" acrylic painting

raccoon and eggs small.jpg

"So Many Eggs" collage and drawing on art journal spread

Which piece do you like best? Why? Does it make you smile? Does it remind you of something or poke your imagination? Does it make you want to paint? or draw? or write? or sing? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Glenna and Gwen in the Garden small.jpg

"Gwen and Glenna" pencil and acrylic illustration

tea in the hedge edited small.jpg

"Tea inn the Hedge" oil

rabbits and roses small.jpg

"Be Watchful" mixed media drawing and collage


A Gift for You!

I have a gift for you! It's a 90+ minute self-paced video workshop (in 4 video segments). You'll learn to paint watercolor floral motifs and then create a repeat pattern from them. You get a PDF with supply list and complete instructions as well as access to the videos. I hope you'll give it a try and, most importantly, enjoy it!

Get Your Free Project Video and Instructions

Check your email for your Free Gift and be sure to download the PDF linked to from the email

class image.jpg
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