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Mindfulness – A Hot Topic at the Frog’s Pond Party

My second Milkweed Manor book, Dark Days at Milkweed Manor, despite its title, has some bright spots, and the three frogs’ of Three Frogs Hollow pond party is certainly one of them. (By the way, the picture is part of the dramatis personae illustration from my book, and the book is available here.)

Mindfulness was a hot topic of conversation, and I thought you might enjoy a snippet:

The party was soon in full swing. The guests clumped in small groups enjoying lively conversation as well as the delicacies piled on their buffet plates.

Lucy, the younger muskrat, approaching Burt and Buzz to congratulate them on the party, realized they were earnestly discussing the benefits of mindlessness and, intrigued, decided to join them.

“Mindlessness? Don’t you mean ‘mindfulness?’” she queried.

“Oh, no, dear! It’s mindlessness that we find so beneficial,” Buzz asserted.

Lucy looked puzzled. “Well, what do you think mindlessness means? Perhaps I’m misinformed!” Lucy doubted she was confused, but it seemed a polite response.

“A state of mindlessness means that one minds less about things. That, of course, makes life more enjoyable!” answered Buzz, barely suppressing a roll of his bulging eyes.

“And what about ‘mindfulness?’”

Burt broke in. “Not good. When one’s mind is full there isn’t room left to think things through properly.”

“Good to know!” Lucy graciously tipped her head slightly. “Oh, I see my friend waving to me. Excuse me!”

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