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In Praise of Headspace

Just wanted to give a shout-out to a marvelous website, Headspace. I joined about five weeks ago when I was overwhelmed and too stressed-out for my own good. So stressed-out, in fact, that I actually sought help, and the suggestions my wonderful writing coach, Audrey, gave led to my finding this site and making a commitment to it.

caption: As a engaged, busy, and philosophical cat, I need plenty of space in my head, but these darn leaping rats are driving me crazy!

I’ve been meditating every day since then. It was important to find a consistent time of day when I could carve out ten minutes for myself. The time I chose was in the morning, right after I feed the animals, but before my own breakfast. It didn’t take more than a few days until I was looking forward to it and finding it ending too soon (though, really, I think 10 minutes is about the right amount of time for me).

When I began, I didn’t know what meditating was and I don’t feel confident that I know that today. But I do know it’s helped me quite a bit. I’d say my main discovery is that I am separate from both my thoughts and my emotions. They should serve me, but too often the simply take over.

I am now calmer and more grounded. I’m more successful in moving away from swirling thoughts and negative feelings – what a plus!

There are several teachers on Headspace, and the one I generally choose is Andy. His meditation format is about a minute and a half of a piece of wisdom, then ten minutes (or 3, or 5, or 10, 15, or 20) of quiet settling of the mind. Andy keeps reminding his students that meditation is not a quick fix. It’s a life-long practice, but with many rewards.

I’d say Headspace is perfect, and I’m so grateful to those teachers. They do the world a lot of good. If you’re feeling like I was, please consider giving Headspace a try. They have a 14-day free trial.

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