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Under the Trees

While researching spirit animals, I ran across a reference to the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and visited their site on Facebook. Fortunately, I was just in time to view a live video episode of “Taking Tea with a Druid.” I was interested to see it was episode 271 (happening weekly), so they’re on quite a roll. Damh the Bard hosted the episode, and he closed by singing a song of his own composition, "Under the Trees."

The wisdom Damh the Bard shared was fascinating and his song was beautiful, but what most inspired me was the song’s title. “Under the Trees” filled my imagination with images for paintings. I can hardly wait to get started!

Meanwhile, I ventured into our horse’s pasture to take a look at the large pecan tree beautifying its center. My sister and I have only been here in North Carolina since February, and we were thrilled to have pecan trees on the property.

This one is grand and stately.

It’s mid-August now and the branches are hanging low with their bounty of nuts.

But here’s what may very well be the best part. Drink in the view from under this tree. Can’t you imagine a pair of wolf cubs here, or perhaps a pale doe with a crown of berries and wildflowers, or perhaps a group of wild boar piglets resting from an exhausting morning of play? Perhaps they’re all fairies, or perhaps not.

In any case, “Under the Trees” and ‘my’ gorgeous pecan tree may well give rise to a series of paintings. I hope so.

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1 Comment

Audrey Hughey
Audrey Hughey
Aug 21, 2022

Gorgeous view! Looks like such a lovely, peaceful place!

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