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Bear Finds Home

Recently I finished the final spread in my latest art journal, which meant that I could finish the cover. I began It about a month ago, working on a piece of mixed media paper. I'd made a turquoise color polymer clay cabochon in the shape of a bear, but I wasn’t able to affix it to the journal covers and finish working on them until I was done with the inside. Finally, that happened. On to the cover!

This is the result.

Once I tore the paper I'd begun the cover on in half, I glued it on the cardboard covers of the journal, tucking pieces of silk sari ribbon between the paper and cardboard at the midpoints of the front edge of the front cover and the back edge of the back cover. These ribbons are what I would tie the journal closed with.

Then I could glue the beaded bear in place. The beaded beaded piece which, in addition to my turquoise color polymer clay bear, also includes a carved bone moon face, a small turquoise bead, and size 11 glass seed beads. Most of this is beaded embroidery worked on a piece of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. There’s also a little bit of beaded fringe with each strand ending with three turquoise color seed beads sewn in a small loop.

Once the bear was situated, I added more to both the front and back cover pieces‒more painting, more copper line scribbling, dimensional copper dots along the line dividing the forest and sky from the ground, metallic paint washes over parts of the background, little metal stars glued onto the sky, and a rather clumsy metallic silver “6” (for journal number six) cut from metallic foil.

I think my little turquoise polymer clay bear is happily home now. She’s home in the forest between the earth in which she burrows and the sky through which she walks. From there, she's watching over me.


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