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As Far As I Got

I had plans for a nice low-key weekend with lots of time to work in my art journal.

I’d been thinking about the theme. I don’t remember what it started out to be, but here’s how it ended up: National Cat Appreciation Day Celebratory Tea – Fascinator Appreciated! In case you don’t know what I mean by ‘fascinators,’ they’re those elaborate hats English women like to wear for special occasions, very fancy and often outlandish‒in a word, fascinating! You just can’t keep your eyes off them. Fascinators seem perfect for cats enjoying a celebration.

So, I had plans and I had a theme. But you know how those things sometimes go: life has other plans. As it turned out, the best I could do was find the images I wanted to use, lay them out, and photograph them so when I had time to get back to the journal, I’d know where the pieces go.

Then, I decided to take a little time today and glue the pieces down. I painted the entire page pale green first, and I’ll probably use the same color to fill in any holes in or around the images. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of painting on this spread. I’ll need to brighten some of the colors (the cats, primarily) and create transitions between images. The transition between the large cat in the middle and the tea setting is going to be especially tricky.

This is a concept I’m excited about, and wish I’d had more time to work on it. But hopefully I’ll be finished for the next post, but as always, that will depend on what life has in store for me this week. Hope yours is a great one!

PS Try to avoid assessing your collage work while the adhesive is wet. The paper of the images will become at least partially transparent, so you'll get a hint of what's on the back and the piece won't look nearly as good as when it's dry.

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