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A Flock of Sparrows - Working in a Series

I suppose I’ve done about a dozen series over the years. The largest was a series of thirty 6”x6” pieces which were drawing/collage pieces of local wildlife. Then there was the twenty-five piece series of 8”x8” mixed media pieces of animals and their associated Celtic symbolism. I’ve also done a a handful of nine 8”x8” pieces on various animal subjects.

But my latest one was a short series of 4 8”x8” collages featuring sparrows. The big difference between this series and the others is that I worked on all four pieces at the same time. I began with the collage, then some background painting, then the birds, then the finishing decorative touches. I enjoyed this approach much more than the way I did the others – finishing one piece before going on to the next. I think it produces a more cohesive series, but I also doubt it would have been practical with the larger series.

At this point in my art life, I had so much art work that there just wasn’t room for these four pieces on the wall, so I ended up using them on the top of a small table. Covered with a sheet of glass, they’re perfectly safe, and I must admit that table is one of my very favorite pieces of furniture. It would be fun to make more, but then I’d have way too many small tables!

But I’m digressing. If you haven’t work in a series, I suggest you try it. It’s a growth experience in many ways, and also lots of fun. The challenge is to create a number of pieces you love equally!

By the way, as I pay attention to these pieces once again, I'm so inspired to do another series. Frogs would be fun. Maybe, instead of squares, I'd paint them on rectangles that interweave to form a square. Yes, great idea! But it takes time...

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