Patience Rewarded

detail of the cat, Patience

This sweet but scheming cat has renewed hope!  She's been after those pesky sparrows for months with no success.  But she's worked out  a new plan which she's reviewing from the camouflage of the flowers and vegetation.  The birds are blissfully unaware of her presence, even to the point of beginning to build a nest!  But don't worry.  Despite all her planning, they'll be perfectly safe.

The collage features my own paintings of the sparrows and cats.  Other elements are found images, acrylic paint, cut shapes, text, and the hand written "plan." 

On an 18" by 20" cradled board which is 1" deep, I have finished the edges so that it can be hung without a frame.

Add this unique piece of original art to your collection for $575 (free shipping within the continental US).  

detail of flying sparrow

detail of perching sparrow

"Patience Rewarded," mixed media collage, 18" tall by 20" wide

I am pleased to also offer "Patience Rewarded" as a print.  To see the options, visit my print shop by clicking the button below.

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