• Kaaren Poole

Badgers and a little break

This past week I've been busy drawing badgers. Here's a sample:

I actually did four badger sketches, and if you're interest in seeing more just check out my Facebook page, Milkweed Manor, or my own page, Kaaren Poole.

But then I decided to take a bit of a break from the sketchbook. I've been wondering what medium I'll use for my finished illustrations and decided to try a sample. Among the possibilities are watercolor over pencil or acrylic (watercolor style) over pencil. So I drew my rough sketch, transferred it to a piece of Strathmore mixed media paper (which would work for either medium choice), then finished the drawing. Now it's time to decide - watercolor or acrylic? - and finish it up. I hope I'll have it for you next week. By the way, this is a more or less "formal portrait" of Reynard the fox shaman and his weasel assistant Vicious.

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