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Lifebook 2023 taster gift - Guardian Hare

In this project, you'll make an inspirational piece, your Guardian Hare, to watch over you. We'll use collage, colored pencil, and paint pens. You'll get the full-size drawing of the hare, and you'll see me draw her with colored pencil - step-by-step. You can work on paper or board. If you work on board as I did, you can finish the piece to hang on the wall in a place where you'll see it often. She'll remind you that happiness is attainable, gratitute is a valuable practice every day, joy is something to seize whenever you encounter it, and love and peace is your gift to those around you. Enjoy!

taster free gift small.jpg
Kaaren Poole.jpg

The PDF contains links to the three video parts of the project, a photo of the completed project, supply/materials list, project instructions, color swatches for the colored pencils, and drawing of the hare. Be sure to save the PDF to your computer!

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