The Lady of the Lake

Costumed, needle felted otter as the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend.  She is needle felted from pure wool, costumed in vintage silk, standing on a decorated base, and joined by her frog and dragonfly friends.  This unique and charming piece is 15" tall.  The base is 10" in diameter.

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Patience Rewarded

Mixed Media collage featuring my paintings of the two sparrows and cat.  Other elements include found images, cut shapes, hand-written text, and painted embellishments.  The piece is 18" tall and 20" wide.  I created it on a cradled wood panel and the piece is intended to be hung unframed.

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Mystic Messenger

This mixed media collage spotlights sets my painting of favorite bird, the crow, on a background rich in texture and with a definite mystic feeling.  One of the collage elements, is a bit of hand written text where I express my admiration for these remarkable souls.

I've framed this evocative piece with recycled weathered wood.  The image size is 14" wide by 11" tall while the framed size is 17 3/4" x 14 3/4".

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Fox and Grapes

My painting of ​a beautiful vixen stars in this mixed media collage.  But poor fox!  She looks so wistful.  Will she ever get those grapes?

This piece is 19 1/8" tall and 14 1/4" wide and is intended to be hung unframed.  To see details and more information, click on the image or on the button below.


I crafted this fun, colorful and happy mixed media collage around my drawings of a young woman and a marten, then added a plethora of other collage elements and a dash of humor - all to express my fascination with fascinators!  And why not?  They're all the rage, you know...

The piece is 11" wide and 14" tall.  It is intended to be hung without a frame.

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Parrots in Paradise

Here's another mixed media collage.  This one features two of my paintings of parrots.

I loved working with these yummy colors and all the bits and pieces to give these sacred birds a special home.  By the way, they're orange bellied parrots which are endangered in southern Australia.

This piece is 15 3/4" wide by 24" tall.  On a cradled wooden panel, it's meant to be hun unframed.


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Athena is a needle-felted owl.  I made from pure wool fiber and dressed her in a little bed jacket made from a piece of vintage bedspread.

I have her standing on a stump of olive wood, and have surrounded her with fern leaves of silk and wire.  Crystal water drops hang here and there from the fronds.

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Athena1 small.jpg

background image courtesy of Nathan Anderson from

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