Fox and Grapes

The "fox and grapes" theme has captivated me ever since I first heard Aesop's fable so many years ago.  It's inspired me many times - this time in a mixed media collage.

After finishing the background I painted the fox who, I think, has the most wistful expression.  Will she ever get those luscious grapes?

The handwritten text to the left of the fox's face is Aesop's Fox and Grapes fable in ancient Greek.

I painted the grapes on a separate piece of board after coating it with a stucco finishe medium for an "old world" look.  Then I attached it over the top part of the piece for dimension.

This fox would be a great addition to - or beginning of - your collection of original art, especially if you are an animal lover.  The piece is 19 1/8" tall and 14 1/4" wide on a 1 3/4" deep cradled wood panel and is intended to be hung unframed.  

This engaging piece is $575  (free shipping within the continental US)

Fox and Grapes, detail of fox's face

detail - the tasty grapes

detail - the whole fox

detail of part of the collage

more collage detail

"Fox and Grapes" mixed media collage 19 1/8" x 14 1/4" 

I am pleased to also offer "Fox and Grapes" as a print.  To see the options, visit my print shop by clicking the button below.

background image courtesy of Nathan Anderson from

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