I made this little owl, Athena, to illustrate one of the characters in the book I'm writing, "Milkweed Manor."  In the story, there has been a huge storm.  The owls' nest fell from its tree and the family was separated.  Little Athena, still wearing the pink bed jacket her mother made for her, is found the next morning, sad, lost, and cold, huddling among the ferns.

I needle felted her - a sculptural method of building form over a wire armature by adding successive bits of wool fiber and securing them in place by compacting them with a special needle felting needle.

Creating the fern fronds from silk fabric was a tedious task because of the close blanket stitch embroidery around all the edges.  I added Swarovski crystal drops here and there to simulate water drops left from the previous nights storm.

Athena stands on an olive wood stump to which the ferns are also attached.  This piece is 15" tall to the top of the tallest fern.  The base is approximately 6" wide.

This is truly a unique piece and would be a spectacular beginning of or addition to your collection of original art.  I am offering her for $650 which includes Priority Mail shipping within the US.

Poor little Athena - so sad, ,cold, and lonely.  But all will be well...

In this view you can see Athena's beak and claws p they're polymer clay...

This view gives you a good look at the complexity of the oilve wood stump...

background image courtesy of Nathan Anderson from

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